Ferg’s Live was conceived out of a love for Tampa Bay: A love for the sports teams, a love for the community, and a love for the culture. One of the most incredible, and many times unrecognized, treasures of the Tampa Bay area, is the local music scene and the talented bands and artists that perform nightly at local watering holes and massive concert halls. When Ferg’s Live first opened in March of 2015, we knew that we wanted to showcase this local talent every chance we could get, and when the tbt* said, “We are in!” Localpalooza was born.

In April, the tbt* published their Ultimate Music Guide, and Ferg’s Live announced Localpalooza. We asked readers to vote for their top three bands/artists from those selected by the tbt*, and promised that we would host an all-day concert event featuring the winners.

The votes have been counted. The fans have spoken. And we are thrilled to invite music lovers from Tampa Bay and beyond, to join us for LOCALPALOOZA on Saturday, September 12th, right here at Ferg’s Live!

The event is FREE, the show is ALL AGES, and the lineup consists of your top three local talents!

So, without further ado, here’s some background on our brilliant Localpalooza artists – Lions After Dark, Infinite Skillz, and UNRB – and some links to check out their music before the show:

Lions After Dark

Founded in October of 2009, Lions After Dark has been called an indie rock band, but are known by their fans to be so much more. Their home town is Clearwater, Florida, and the band consists of Maddie Pfeiffer (Vocals, Keys), Curt Pfeiffer (Drums, Vocals), and Andrew Roden (Guitar).

“Lions After Dark is a band born out of the sweltering, sweaty heat of Florida’s West Coast, and their live shows reflect every bit of that intensity, urgency, and passion. A band built upon tight, fiery instrumentalists and a triumphant, explosive female singer, the three members of the band originate from different musical and geographical backgrounds, but came together in Florida after meeting at an Oregon boarding school. With influences rooted in many styles, the band draws from elements as diverse as the raw, brash nature of blues, the confrontational attitude of metal, and the anthemic character of musical theater, combining for a live experience that differs each night, tailor-made to the moment.

Widely hailed as a rapidly up-and-coming talent, Lions After Dark have shared stages and bills with Grouplove, Paper Tongues, Automatic Loveletter, Bastille, Bad Suns, The 1975, Kongos, Bright Light Social Hour, Pinback, Surfer Blood, Sir Sly, Black Taxi, JJ Grey & Mofro, and Manchester Orchestra, to name a few, and have played the Whigfest, Tropical Heatwave, and 97X Backyard BBQ music festivals, all in 2014, with many more of the same slated in 2015.

Lions After Dark’s sophomore album “Awake” was recorded at Beiler Bros. Studios in Miami, produced by Matt Laplant (Nonpoint, Dashboard Confessional, Sikth), and released in September 2013.

A band of hungry, fiercely determined individuals, in the midst of a dramatically changing sound, big things lie on the horizon for Lions After Dark.”

Infinite Skillz

Infinite Skillz is a throwback. Not in the sense that his style is outdated, but because his music is timeless. He is entertaining whether he is telling a story or proving a point. Infinite brings a message to the party and some fun to the thinkers simultaneously. This allows him to reach young listeners as well as folks who were teenagers when Hip Hop began.

He is the voice of thousands of black faces in America that have struggled their entire lives against stereotypes and the convenient compartments in which society tries to place them. By extension, he hopes to be an inspiration to anybody who has been misunderstood or marginalized.

Infinite Skillz is not angry though. You can hear the joy and passion for music he has in his songs and during interviews, but he is certainly aware. He does not wish to divide. As a middle child with a history of peacemaking, he aims to increase social harmony through Hip Hop with his original yet throwback sound.

Like many of his fellow military brats, Infinite has learned to relate to all kinds of people. This skill has translated musically into storytelling that resonates with fans from all different walks of life. Perceptive listeners can hear a mix of southern and east coast influences that comes from partially growing up in Northern Virginia and attending school at Morehouse in Atlanta, GA.

The work ethic he has displayed in pursuit of his goals has already helped him gain considerable attention. He has earned song placements with ESPN, Under Armour, and the Tampa Bay Rays. Infinite was named by the readers of the Tampa Bay area Creative Loafing magazine as the 2012 Best local Hip Hop act just a year after winning the critic’s pick. He won the same award again in 2014.

Infinite started writing lyrics while attending high school in Virginia. As the founder of his own independent label B.A.S.E. Inc Music, Infinite is committed to putting in work on his craft and creating quality music and events that fans can feel good about supporting. His unwavering dedication to his dreams, his family and the Hip Hop community is an inspiration to his growing fan base.

Late To The Party is an 18 track album that is the third project long collaboration between Infinite Skillz and producer Mr. J. On the backdrop of Mr. J’s versatile and consistently excellent production, Infinite Skillz gives listeners insight into the odd duality growing up as a middle class minority in America forces upon you. He plays equal parts honor roll student and class clown showing he means business without taking himself too seriously.

Infinite’s debut album, The Anomaly, is a path-clearing journey aimed at restoring a much-needed balance to the Hip Hop community. He draws on his Army brat upbringing to connect with people of all walks of life. His list of collaborators includes an untold number of emcees and producers. Fellow B.A.S.E. INC member Mr. J produced both the Swoon Music EP, and the Slave Music street album in their entirety.

How would you describe your style of music to someone that had never heard it before? Infinite Skillz creates intelligent suburban Hip Hop that brings a message to the party and some fun to the thinkers. It is passionate, fun, authentic Hip Hop that fans of almost any age can enjoy.

What/Who inspires your music? (other bands/artists, personal experiences, etc.) I’m inspired by people who unapologetically chase their dreams and live out their passions. I respect artists like KRS One and Killer Mike who speak the truth as they see it and can rock a party and be entertaining as well as create art that uplifts.

When and How did your band get it’s start, and Where do you dream of performing someday? I started rapping as an extension of my early poetry writing. That morphed into song writing confidence grew I made the natural progression to the stage. My extended family is from Texas and I hear the Dallas Cowboys are pretty big down there. I guess I’d like to do a halftime show at the Super Bowl at AT&T Stadium when Dallas is playing. But seriously I will rap anywhere from the sidewalk to your backyard to an arena. I love it. The energy you get when the crowd likes what you do is amazing.


Founded in May 2010, UNRB prefers to classify their unique sound as Ska-Fusion, and consists of band members Noel Rochford (Vocals, Electric Ukulele), Nic Giordano (Bass Guitar), Eric Allaire (Drums), Ben Datin (Tenor Sax), Andy Pilcher (Trombone, Tuba), and Matt Weihmuller (Baritone Sax).

UNRB is a 7-piece band from St. Petersburg, FL. The band contains very unorthodox instrumentation, using an electric ukulele instead of a guitar and featuring a powerful 4-piece horn section that routinely switches instruments between songs. Their music touches almost every genre including ska, rock, funk, blues, jazz, reggae, polka, even some classical… nothing is off limits. Their live shows are extremely high-energy and often include brief humorous banter in between songs. With this combination of explosive sound and electrifying stage presence, UNRB quickly established itself in the Tampa Bay area and built a loyal fan base.

In the summer of 2011 they embarked on a statewide tour, recorded a self-titled EP (available on iTunes and CD Baby). 2012 included performances at Busch Gardens, Beach Bash (largest one day concert on the beach in the South), the House of Blues, and NASCAR at Homestead.

UNRB has received some recognition for their talent, winning the grand prize at the 2011 Pigfest Regional Battle of the Bands in Tallahassee and winning the 2011 Songwriter’s Showcases of America “Most Unique Style” Award at the 11th Annual DeLand Original Music Festival.

For 2013, UNRB was featured on the cover of Tampa Bay’s Mayhem Magazine, Feb. issue and appeared at Sunfest in direct support for Less than Jake and Reel Big Fish. UNRB’s 13 track album, “Inform the Masses” was released on June 7th, to a packed venue at State Theatre in Downtown St. Pete.

How would you describe your style of music to someone that had never heard it before?

On the surface, we are a ska band but have such a wide range of influences throughout our music from Rock, Reggae, Jazz, funk etc… Creative Loafing came up with a good one for us a few years back calling us Ska Fusion. We like that one!

What/Who inspires your music? (other bands/artists, personal experiences, etc.)

As far as our music, with such a wide range of backgrounds from all seven guys, our inspiration is endless. Everything from ska bands like Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto to bands like the Beatles, Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire. When it comes to our songs, most are inspired by life experiences from our lead singer Noel before creating the band to full band experiences like shows that didn’t go so well and epic house parties we’ve had.

When and How did your band get it’s start, and Where do you dream of performing someday?

Noel (Singer/Ukulele) and Nic (bass) played in a few bands together through high school. They both met Eric (drums) in college. The three of them decided to start a little band in August of 2010 that would become UNRB. After a few well placed Craigslist ads, and some different horn lineups, the horn line we have today was complete in the fall of 2011 with Ben (Trumpet) Andy (Trombone) Matt (Bari Sax) and Dan (Tenor Sax).

We really don’t have a set spot or location we all dream of performing (I am sure if you ask this to each person the answer would be different). But, as a band, our goal is to get on the road as much as possible to perform for as many people as we can. After a few tours already, and some future plans to hopefully tour longer/farther (Warped Tour ’16????) our goal is to spread the good times of UNRB to as many new fans as we can!

Don’t miss this epic performance from just a handful of Tampa Bay’s most brilliant and talented local stars – LOCALPALOOZA: Saturday, September 12th at Ferg’s Live

Concert starts at 4pm, but before you Hear Local, come on out and Cheer Local as USF takes on FSU at 11:30am!

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