We Want The Cup

Here at Ferg’s Live our love for the Tampa Bay Lightning has always run deep. Really deep. But when we heard that two of Coach Jon Cooper’s team rules were straight from the movie ‘Wedding Crashers’, our hearts overfloweth:

Rule #76: No excuses, play like a champion.
Rule #113: Don’t look for opportunities, make them.
NHL.COM – Dan Rosen

Two simple rules that have become our Tampa Bay Lightning’s mantra as they outshoot and outscore their competition straight into the Stanley Cup Finals. Game after game we have put on our jerseys, wore our lucky socks, sat in our lucky seats with our lucky playoff beards, and watched with an intense passion for our team and unwavering belief that this was our year. We cheered, we booed, we hugged it out in good times and in bad, and now…well, now we are going into Game 2 against the Chicago Blackhawks, and WE ARE THE THUNDER!

Tampa Bay may not fit the typical profile of a “Hockey Town” with our non-existent winters, but, what we DO have is a genuine love for our team, and an insatiable desire to bring the Stanley Cup back to Tampa Bay. So, here at Ferg’s Live we are going big for the Lightning’s entire run for the Stanley Cup. We have erected what we call “Cup City at Ferg’s Live” between us and Amalie Arena, and filled it with portable bars and a massive LED wall to catch all Home and Away games. In addition to the outdoor LED wall, we will also tune all 60+ flatscreen TVs and two giant projection screens to every game, and turn the sound up so fans don’t miss a single moment of the action. Top Tampa bands will rock from our stage pre- and post-games, and a DJ will take the party late into the night.

Although we don’t know how this series will end, we do know two things that will keep us cheering on the Bolts for decades to come: They ALWAYS play like champions, and they will continue to make their own opportunities both on and off the ice.


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