What’s a Backstage Blog?

Ferg’s LIVE was born out of an overwhelming desire to escape the monotony of the day to day, toss preconceived notions and inhibitions out the window, and inspire everyone to start living life LIVE and in the moment. That’s why we created the Backstage Blog. So many times we avoid stepping out of our comfort zone to explore the unknown, and like it or not, that includes new genres of music. Reading our Backstage Blog will be your first step in discovering your new favorite band, or at the very least, your first step in learning a little bit about a new type of music. We will provide a brief glimpse into the history, inspiration, and styles of all of the bands that are scheduled to perform at Ferg’s LIVE, with the hope that knowing a little bit about where a band/artist came from, and how it has made their music what it is today, may inspire you to set aside your “Only Rock n’ Roll but I like it” tunnel-vision, and experience a Rockabilly show. Or, maybe motivate you to back-burner your love for Country music just long enough to check out a Blues act. Even if you don’t always make it to the show, reading the narratives of these amazing musicians is inspiring in and of itself, and a step in the right direction.

Do you want to know more than just what our Q&A provides? You’re in luck! In addition to our Backstage Blog, you can also visit our Concerts page and click on the Ferg’s LIVE Radio button to hear a sampling of music from upcoming artists! So, take a deep breath, read a little about the bands, check out their tracks, and ignore that little voice in your head that is telling you it’s not your style. Who knows? You may have your best night ever listening to your new favorite band perform on our Ferg’s LIVE stage…and once that happens, watch out world, because you will be hooked on living life LIVE. Showtime, Fergies!

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